Governor Gavin Newsom Crimes Against Californians

Gavin Newsom Plans To Buy All California Real Estate Foreclosures Dec 30, 2020

Gavin Newsom And The State's Sneaky Plan To Buy All California Real Estate Foreclosures

The Denigration of Los Angeles

Dec 24, 2020

Homeless kids, Broken Dreams and Starving families is now Downtown LA. That being said it's a Sh*thole. Here's the full break down of whats happening. Enjoy! Add me on social media.

California sheriff refuses to enforce stay-at-home order

Dec 8, 2020 -  Don Barnes tells ‘Fox & Friends’ the goal posts for coronavirus restrictions in California keep moving week by week for businesses.

Gavin Newsom Recall, Governor of California (2020)  Nov 2020

Official Recall Petition

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