Animal Rights

The new defense bill (H.R. 1960) before Congress would exempt the Navy from obeying wildlife protection laws


Off the California coast, sea otters are still struggling to recover from decades of hunting. Now the Navy says it wants a free pass to injure and kill them.

Tell Senators Feinstein and Boxer to say NO.

Stop the dolphin slaughter in Taiji and bring an end to whale and dolphin captivity

angel dophine

The slaughter of 20,000 dolphins, porpoises, and small whales occurs in Japan each year. Starting on September 1st and usually continuing through March of the next year, fishermen herd whole families of small cetaceans into a shallow bays and mercilessly stab and drown them to death.

This annual slaughter of dolphins was virtually unknown until 2003 when Sea Shepherd globally released covertly-obtained film and photographs of the now infamous bloody “Cove” in a village called Taiji. Starting in 2010 and continuing to this day, Sea Shepherd has a ongoing presence of volunteers standing watch on site at the Cove. They are The Cove Guardians. sign petition

Farm Animal Abuse

Tell Google to quit ALEC now!

(American Legislative Exchange Council A exttemely powerful lobbying organization which lobbies laws which are corporate friendly)

A Utah slaughterhouse was caught painfully pushing a cow with a forklift. But when the police showed up, they weren't there to shut things down. They were there to press charges against Amy Meyer -- the citizen filming the cruelty -- even though she never left public land. ". . . and even place whistleblowers on a "terrorism registry."

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Abuse of Farm Animals is allowed by ALEC Rules

Warning, the video below is graphic and disturbing, use discretion.

farm animal cruelity

Would you treat your house pet like this? Can anyone defend these actions of horrible abuse? Google supports ALEC. sign this petition and tell Google to stop its support.

Resolution Encouraging State Bans on Gas Chamber Euthanasia in Shelters

the kill box

It is not necessary to view the video above, it is extremely sad to watch. Please sign the petition. Being complacent by doing nothing is allowing this inhumane treatment to continue.

Shelters are supposed to be places that provide a haven for unwanted animals and a humane death when homes cannot be found for them. Unfortunately, that is not always the case. Some states still allow shelters to use gas chambers, and these can hardly be called humane. sign petition