No Drones California – Los Angeles Areas

Drone-Free LAPD. No Drones, LA!

Petition authored by Stop LAPD Spying Coalition - Take Action

I am deeply concerned and reject the use of drone technology by the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD). I demand that the LAPD be prohibited from any use of drone technology. The acquisition of drones by the LAPD signifies a huge step forward in the militarization of local law enforcement. The use of drone technology continues the normalization of surveillance, getting communities used to being watched and creating a culture of suspicion and fear. Drone technology in the hands of LAPD must be stopped because:

• LAPD cannot be trusted – In April 2014 it was exposed that LAPD officers sabotaged voice recording and video recording inside patrol cars installed to monitor officer conduct;

• Drones open the door to an unparalleled invasion of everyone’s privacy, and create a great potential of false identification;

• With LAPD’s history of “Mission Creep” there is no guarantee that drones will only be used for their stated purpose;

• Historically drones are used to commit to acts of war abroad therefore its logical for Angelenos to question if drones open the door for “The War at Home.”