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Monsanto's cash cow weedkiller Roundup probably causes cancer, according to a new report from the United Nation's cancer research organization.

The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), published a report in the journal Lancet Oncology on Friday with findings on three pesticides, including Monsanto's best-selling brand. 

The report found that the herbicide glyphosate — the active chemical ingredient in Roundup — and two insecticides, malathion and diazinon, were "probably carcinogenic." The conclusion was based on "limited evidence" of cancer among humans. 

Researchers also found "convincing evidence" among animals for classifying the insecticides tetrachlorvinphos and parathion as "possibly carcinogenic."

Protect the Cantura Street Sycamore Trees - Studio City

August 28, 2014

Cantura Street is unique in Studio City for the stunning canopy of 105 London Plane Sycamores that line the street. They are a defining landmark and significant outstanding feature of the neighborhood. The Los Angeles Daily News has noted that these trees “give that neighborhood an identity that is sorely lacking elsewhere in our fair city.”

These mature trees were planted on the public parkways starting in the 1920s and reach as high as 100 feet.  They are an irreplaceable resource valued for the unique beauty they give to the street and for the protection they give from blazing summer temperatures.  Additionally, their uniform height and size has not only attracted a number of film companies, but has increased the value of the homes on the street. 

Right now, these trees are threatened by rampant development.  In the past few years, five of these healthy approx. 90 year old trees have already been destroyed by builders who do not value their importance as a neighborhood amenity. 

We are asking that the sycamore trees that line Cantura St. be permanently protected and that there be a permanent moratorium on cutting them down for construction.  Any new houses must be designed to preserve the existing trees.  We must stop trading trees for driveways! Take Action

Sign California Clean Money Campaign's petition

California Clean Money Campaign recently created a petition on our public petition website entitled "Help small donors, not big donors!

. . . huge amounts of public funds would be given to the largest donors. Please amend the proposal so that matching funds benefit small donors, not big donors!

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Stop dark money non-profits from hiding their funders!

Know who is funding these non profit organizations who try to pursue Californians votes. SB 27 (Correa) will make sure billionaires and corporations can't hide behind secretive non-profits.

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Don't vote to accept bigger gifts (bribes) for LA City Council

I guess LA City Council is not receiving adequate pay and needs, in addition, to receive gifts from contractors - is this ethical? This is sounding more like how Congress operates.

The LA City Ethics Commission proposed to ban all gifts from bidders, contractors, and others with a financial stake in city decisions -- a sensible extension to the ban on contributions from them that voters overwhelmingly passed with Measure H in 2011. Alarmingly, City Council voted to not only ignore that recommendation, but to propose actually INCREASING the limits by 50%, from $100 a year to $150 a year. sign petition

Ban fracking in Los Angeles County

Big Oil has plans to massively expand fracking in a huge section of the state--roughly 1,750 square miles from Southern to Central California, from Modesto to San Diego County--putting our precious water, our farms, and our health at risk.

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Tell Google to quit ALEC now!

(American Legislative Exchange Council A exttemely powerful lobbying organization which lobbies laws which are corporate friendly)

A Utah slaughterhouse was caught painfully pushing a cow with a forklift. But when the police showed up, they weren't there to shut things down. They were there to press charges against Amy Meyer -- the citizen filming the cruelty -- even though she never left public land. ". . . and even place whistleblowers on a "terrorism registry."

Abuse of Farm Animals is allowed by ALEC Rules

Warning, the video below is graphic and disturbing, use discretion.

farm animal cruelity

Would you treat your house pet like this? Can anyone defend these actions of horrible abuse? sign petition

Call your legislators: Urge Governor Brown to impose a moratorium on fracking

The more Assembly members and state senators we can get to add their names to the letter before it gets sent to the governor, the more pressure Governor Brown will feel. Three other Assembly members have already co-signed Levine's letter -- now we need to put pressure on other legislators to sign. Take Action

Support Los Angeles Anti-Fracking Bill

November 06, 2013

If you do not want fracking in the city of Los Angeles you must contact Mr. Fuentes, who heads up the energy and environmental division of the LA City Council. He makes recommendation to the council and presently has the Koretz/Bonin Bill before him which bans fracking in the city of Los Angeles.

If you want to stop fracking in LA, tell Mr. Fuentes to please pass the Koretz/Bonin Bill which bans fracking in Los Angeles.

Take Action: Please call or email him: 213 473-7007 / councilmember.fuentes@lacity.org. ref: la times on Koretz and Bonin Bill

Stop Feinstein's phony bill and NSA abuses

November 19, 2013


Congress now faces a stark choice on the NSA and civil liberties.

A bill sponsored by Senator Dianne Feinstein -- the FISA Improvements Act -- would make matters worse. As ACLU legislative counsel Michelle Richardson puts it, the Feinstein bill "would entrench the current spying programs" of the NSA. "For the first time in history, Congress would explicitly and intentionally authorize dragnet domestic spying programs targeting every day Americans."

In sharp contrast, a bill sponsored by Senator Patrick Leahy and Representative Jim Sensenbrenner -- the USA FREEDOM Act – would take major strides toward ending NSA abuses

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Stop Clearcutting in California's Forests!


Large timber companies clearcut over 60,000 acres of California's forests each year, leaving environmental devastation in their wake.

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