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The Right to Know What's in Our Food

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The Consumer Product Safety Commission, the Truth in Lending Act and the Fair Labeling and Packaging Act is the basis of safeguarding the consumer.

Yes on 522 - for November 5th ballot in D.C. will decide for the entire U.S. that foods would require to be labeled if contain GMO.

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Genetically Modified Organism (GMO) - Myths and Truths


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Bacillus Thuringiensis is soil bacteria used for pesticides, this is now in your food. How convenient to have built in pesticides in the crops we eat. ref: Wiki

The No on 37: Coalition Against the Deceptive Food Labeling Scheme (No on 37), formerly known as Californians Against the Costly Food Labeling Proposition (CACFLP), is an advocacy group that opposes California's Proposition 37 of 2012 (Prop 37), the 2012 ballot initiative to require mandatory labeling of genetically engineered foods. The group calls itself “a coalition of family farmers, grocers, small businesses, and food producers.”[1] But its membership list includes no individually named farmers, grocers, small business, or food producers It is, instead, a list primarily of trade groups for big corporate agriculture and food companies, as well as other front groups, local chambers of commerce, etc.[2] An enormous percent of the group's money comes from the "Big 6" Biotech Corporations (Monsanto, Dow Chemical Company, Syngenta, Bayer, Dupont, and BASF) and biotechnology industry lobby groups.

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GMO (BT Toxins) finding there way into the blood of a Fetus

October 29, 2013

Companies who produce GM crops have long argued that the Bt toxin would be destroyed during consumption and eliminated by the body. However, recent studies by Canadian Gynecologist found that 93% of blood tested from fetuses - - read more

Does Your Corn Flakes Contain Pig?

If you are of a faith which prohibits the consumption of hog or are strictly vegan, than you need to know what is in your food and in particular, what is GMO technology hiding.

The Advances in Biotech

What combinations have been tried?

Checkout these new advances in science:

+ Spider genes were inserted into goat DNA, in hopes that the goat milk would contain spider web protein for use in bulletproof vests
+ Cow genes turned pigskins into cowhides

+ Jellyfish genes lit up pigs' noses in the dark

+ Artic fish genes gave tomatoes and strawberries tolerance to frost

+ Potatoes that glowed in the dark when they needed watering

+ Human genes were inserted into corn to produce spermicide

+ Corn engineered with human genes (Dow)

+ Sugarcane engineered with human genes (Hawaii Agriculture Research Center)

+ Corn engineered with jellyfish genes (Stanford University)

+ Tobacco engineered with lettuce genes (University of Hawaii)

+ Rice engineered with human genes (Applied Phytologics)

+ Corn engineered with hepatitis virus genes (Prodigene)