Truth About Wheat – part I

Why 80 Percent of People Worldwide Will Soon Stop Eating Wheat

August 18, 2012

Abstract: Modern manufactured wheat strains are toxic to humans. This problem is so disruptive to health that major populations will turn away from eating wheat products.

The good wheat has been genetically mutated to a much shorter stalk with greater yields, been subjected to radiation and pesticides and in the process has mutated into a substance which is very damaging to human health. The key is in the entire process is that the protein, glaiden, has been genetically altered.

Solution: The wheat which contains this altered protein damages the beta cells in the pancreas (ref: Do not eat wheat nor products which contain wheat or greatly reduce intake.

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The Overview | Wheat Belly’s Dr. William Davis (Part 1)

The Overview Wheat Bellys Dr William Davis Part 1

Wheat heightened my blood sugar so bad, that I contracted diabetes. Glaiden protein found in modern wheat has the capacity to increase intestine permeability (creating holes in the gut where materials pass directly to the blood). This creates autoimmune responses and inflammatory conditions.