Gardening – AFSC’s Peace Education Program

Gardening - AFSC’s Peace Education Program


Peace Gardens in Los Angeles AFSC’s Peace Education Program 

Students grow a wide variety of produce that includes lettuce, bok choy, tomatoes, and mint. They share the produce with the school and surrounding community.

“Working with AFSC has provided my students with a holistic learning experience they otherwise would not have had,” says Lincoln teacher Daniel Alamo. “They are learning to create life through a garden, and through the process, change the school landscape. My students have been given the opportunity to not only envision change but also be part of it.”

Lincoln student Gabriel Gutierrez adds, “The garden really does [improve the school] because it extends our capacity to do more for the community.”



With 31 beds, each covering 32 square feet, there is plenty of room to grow. In the plots that are already planted, people are growing collards, tomatoes, squash, cactus, bell peppers, chilies, and cantaloupe, as well as a few grapevines and flowers.